Mitchell County

Economic Development Commission


PO Box 306 | Osage, Iowa 50461

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Quality of life

Mitchell County is one of the healthiest and safest places to live and raise a family. It is coveted for safe neighborhoods, wide-open opportunities for personal and professional growth, short commutes, lower costs of living and higher standards for school students. Mitchell County's rural setting is clean, free of congested highways, city noise and challenges. In these communities, neighbors visit and work with one another.


Wherever you live or work in Mitchell County, you are part of a community. People here share a consistent commitment to building a better life for everyone by means of mutual partnership, collaboration and cooperation. The Mitchell County Economic Development Commission has grown from that positive reality.

Our rural and small-town residents recognize the many ways that individual and group choices influence one another. They build upon a strong foundation of social responsibility and interpersonal respect to support quality education and athletic programs in our schools, to develop productive workplaces, and to facilitate active participation in civic groups and local initiatives.

Mitchell County invites you to become a part of our community! We are friends and family working together!

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